Storing calcium citrate in a Chinese factory, or any storage facility, requires specific conditions to maintain its quality, stability, and safety.Here are some guidelines for storing calcium citrate in a Chinese factory:

Temperature Control:

Store calcium citrate in a cool, dry, and temperature-controlled environment.Ideally, the temperature should be maintained between 15°C and 25°C (59°F to 77°F).Avoid extreme temperature fluctuations.

Humidity Control:

Maintain a relative humidity level below 50% to prevent moisture absorption by calcium citrate.Excess humidity can lead to clumping and reduce the quality of the product.

Use dehumidifiers or air conditioning to control humidity in the storage area.

Air Quality:

Ensure good ventilation in the storage facility to prevent the accumulation of odors, dust, and contaminants that could affect the quality and safety of the calcium citrate.

Keep the storage area free from strong-smelling substances and chemicals.

Light Protection:

Protect calcium citrate from exposure to direct sunlight or strong artificial light, as this can lead to degradation.Use opaque or UV-resistant packaging to shield the product from light.

Sealed Packaging:

Store calcium citrate in sealed, airtight containers or packaging to prevent moisture and air from entering.Make sure that packaging is not damaged, and seals are intact.

Pest Control:

Implement effective pest control measures to prevent insects, rodents, or other pests from contaminating the calcium citrate.Regular inspections and pest control protocols are essential.


Keep the storage area clean and free from dust and debris.Regularly clean and sanitize storage containers and shelves to prevent contamination.


Maintain accurate records of the origin, batch numbers, and production date of the calcium citrate to track and manage inventory effectively.

Rotation and FIFO:

Practice "first in, first out" (FIFO) inventory management to ensure that older stock is used before newer batches.This helps maintain product freshness.

Quality Checks:

Regularly inspect the calcium citrate for any signs of moisture absorption, clumping, or spoilage.If issues are detected, take appropriate actions to address them.


Ensure the security of the storage facility to prevent unauthorized access and tampering with the product.

Proper storage practices are essential for preserving the quality and safety of calcium citrate in a Chinese factory.Adhering to these guidelines helps maintain the product's freshness and extends its shelf life, ensuring it meets regulatory and quality standards.