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Engineering Research Center

Mineral nutrients utilization in henan province and rapid detection of engineering technology research center" is approved by the department of henan province was founded in December 2016, is the only company in henan province approved mainly engaged in mineral nutrients for human body and animal and plant absorption and late products processing and production of new technology, new products, new technology, engineering research center for its production rapidly.

The Research Direction

Monomer development and application

Dedicated to the process development and product optimization of mineral nutrients monomer calciums, magnesiums, zincs, irons and low lead and arsenic series, as well as technical services and application verification for some special customized mineral nutrients monomers.

Application of pharmaceutical technology

With the application of pharmaceutical products as the main research direction, we carry out research and development of pharmaceutical products and application services, and provide technical solutions to customers' problems in product application.

Compound product application

Mainly carry out the application research of compound product application simulation, formula applicability, scientific and other related projects, and compound sample configuration.

Phytonutrient development and application

Focus on the research and development of "trace elements in plant nutrition", mainly aimed at the research and development and application experiment of citric acid chelating salt series, EDTA chelating salt series, multi-chelated trace elements, medium and trace elements water-soluble fertilizer.

Inspection Ability

The company's testing center has established independent physical and chemical analysis, instrumental analysis and microbial laboratory, the introduction of industrial atomic absorption, liquid phase, asepsis test and other testing equipment.

Testing center and a number of domestic professional inspection institutions to establish a long-term relationship of cooperation, regular visits, and send personnel for business training, learning, improve personnel inspection ability; In 2009, the company passed CNAS laboratory accreditation in the industry, and was recognized in the annual review; The testing center is responsible for the testing of all raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products of the company. At the same time according to the product standards to undertake customer finished product testing services, to provide customer quality assurance testing guidance.

"Accurate, satisfactory and timely" guidelines for inspection center, ensure to provide the accurate test results in a short period of time, after years of temper, test center has become a construction business, quality and ability is strong, has quite a number of modern laboratory testing equipment and professional talent team, highly praise from customers in the industry.

Guidelines for Inspection Center

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