Calcium hydrogen phosphate, also known as dibasic calcium phosphate, is a compound that contains both calcium and phosphate ions.In the context of dairy products, calcium hydrogen phosphate can serve various purposes.

Calcium is a crucial mineral for bone health, and its presence in dairy products is essential.  Calcium hydrogen phosphate can be added to dairy products to enrich their calcium content, making them more nutritionally valuable.

Calcium hydrogen phosphate can act as a buffering agent in dairy processing, helping to regulate and stabilize the pH of the products.This is important for achieving the desired texture and consistency in certain dairy items.

In certain dairy products, calcium hydrogen phosphate may be used to improve texture and prevent issues like syneresis (the separation of whey from a gel-like structure).It contributes to the overall quality and mouthfeel of the product.

Calcium hydrogen phosphate can be added to dairy alternatives such as plant-based milk or yogurt to fortify them with calcium.This is especially important for individuals who may have dietary restrictions or lactose intolerance.

In the production of yogurt and cheese, calcium is essential for coagulation and curd formation.  Calcium hydrogen phosphate can be used to provide the necessary calcium ions, contributing to the structural integrity of these dairy products.

In some dairy products, the addition of calcium hydrogen phosphate can help prevent undesirable gelation or separation during processing and storage.

Calcium hydrogen phosphate may be used as a calcium source in fortified dairy products or other fortified foods.It helps meet the recommended daily intake of calcium.

Calcium hydrogen phosphate can contribute to the stability of certain nutrients in dairy products, ensuring that they retain their nutritional value throughout the product's shelf life.

The use of calcium hydrogen phosphate in dairy products is regulated, and its inclusion is subject to specific guidelines and limits to ensure product safety and quality.Additionally, considerations about taste, texture, and the nutritional profile of the final product influence the decision to use calcium hydrogen phosphate in dairy processing.