The main exports of calcium lactate from a factory can vary depending on several factors, including the production capacity of the factory, market demand, and trade agreements.  However, calcium lactate is commonly used in the food industry as a food additive and dietary supplement.Therefore, the main export destinations for calcium lactate from a factory are likely to include North America,Europe,Asia-Pacific,Latin America,Middle East and Africa,ect.

The United States and Canada are significant markets for calcium lactate due to their large food and beverage industries.

Various countries in Europe, such as Germany, France, the United Kingdom, and others, have strong food processing sectors and may import calcium lactate.

Countries like China, Japan, and India have growing food industries and may import calcium lactate for various food applications.

Some Latin American countries with developed food industries, such as Mexico and Brazil, may import calcium lactate.

Certain countries in these regions may also import calcium lactate for food and pharmaceutical applications.

The export destinations for calcium lactate can change over time as market demands and production capacities evolve.Manufacturers and exporters typically tailor their distribution based on market opportunities and regulatory compliance in different regions.Therefore, the specific export destinations of a calcium lactate factory may vary.