Taurine powder is widely and significantly used in functional beverages. It can promote fat metabolism and release energy, thereby helping to relieve physical fatigue and enhance stamina. Moderate supplementation of taurine can maintain normal eye function and prevent vision decline. It not only promotes the production of white blood cells, thereby boosting the body's immunity and helping to fight diseases, but also enhances the activity of brain cells, aiding in the improvement of memory and cognitive abilities.

In functional beverages, the amount of taurine added is usually determined based on the product's requirements and consumer acceptance. For example, some products may indicate a taurine content of ≥300mg per bottle to ensure significant effects.

The market offers various functional beverages with added taurine, often marketed with claims such as "refreshing and energizing" and "boosting stamina." By adding taurine, these drinks meet consumers' needs for energy and physical strength during intense work, study, or exercise.

Multiple scientific studies support the use of taurine in functional beverages. For instance, research has found that taurine can promote fat metabolism, providing energy for the body. Additionally, it can support the development of ocular nerves and alleviate visual fatigue.

Although taurine has various functional effects, it is important to consume taurine-containing functional beverages in moderation. Excessive intake may cause adverse symptoms such as insomnia and elevated blood pressure. Therefore, the consumption should be tailored to individual physical conditions and needs.

The application of taurine powder in functional beverages has significant effects and a broad application prospect. By scientifically and reasonably adding taurine, functional beverages can meet consumers' needs for energy, stamina, and immunity, while also providing a better health experience.