China is a significant base for exporting mineral premixes, primarily owing to several factors:

Abundant Resources: China possesses rich mineral resources, providing an ample supply of raw materials for the production of mineral premixes.

Manufacturing Capability: China has a robust manufacturing industry, especially in the fields of feed additives and pet food. This enables efficient production of various high-quality mineral premixes.

Competitive Pricing: Due to large-scale production, low technological costs, and low raw material costs, Chinese mineral premixes are competitively priced, attracting buyers in the international market.

Quality Assurance: With increased domestic regulations and rising consumer demands, Chinese mineral premix manufacturers continually enhance product quality to ensure compliance with both domestic and international standards.

Export Channels: China has extensive export channels and a logistics network, facilitating the rapid transportation of mineral premixes to various parts of the world.

However, despite being a major exporter of mineral premixes, it is essential to note the increasingly fierce international market competition and the continuous changes in domestic and international standards and regulations. Therefore, Chinese exporters of mineral premixes need to continually improve product quality, strengthen research and development innovation, and adapt to changes in market demand. Simultaneously, attention should be paid to changes in the international trade environment, actively exploring new market channels to ensure the sustained and stable growth of export businesses.