The packaging used by Chinese suppliers for magnesium citrate can vary depending on factors such as the intended market, customer preferences, and regulations.

Plastic bottles are a common choice for packaging magnesium citrate supplements.These bottles come in various sizes, typically ranging from 60 to 180 capsules or tablets per bottle.They may be sealed with a tamper-evident cap to ensure product integrity.

Plastic jars with screw-on lids are another popular packaging option for magnesium citrate.    These jars are often used for powdered or granulated forms of magnesium citrate.

Some suppliers use aluminum pouches for packaging powdered magnesium citrate.These pouches provide protection against moisture, light, and oxygen, which can help maintain the product's quality.

Blister packs consist of individual, pre-dosed cavities or compartments that hold magnesium citrate tablets or capsules.This packaging is convenient for consumers as it allows for easy dosing.

Flexible doypack or stand-up pouches are used for packaging magnesium citrate in powder or granulated form.They are resealable and provide good barrier protection.

In some cases, glass bottles may be used for premium or specialty magnesium citrate products.    Glass offers better protection against light and oxygen but is heavier and more fragile compared to plastic.

For industrial or manufacturing use, magnesium citrate may be supplied in larger bulk packaging, such as drums or bags.

Labeling and packaging regulations and requirements may vary depending on the destination market.Suppliers need to ensure that their packaging complies with local and international labeling and safety standards, including providing essential product information, dosage instructions, and any required regulatory approvals or certifications.

Chinese suppliers may offer various packaging options to meet the specific needs of their customers.When working with a supplier, it's advisable to discuss packaging preferences, label design, and any regulatory requirements to ensure that the magnesium citrate product is appropriately packaged for its intended market.