The key points for using magnesium oxide powder mainly include the following aspects:

1.Safety Usage:

·Protection: Before using magnesium oxide powder, ensure wearing protective gloves, masks, and goggles to avoid direct contact with skin and eyes, preventing injuries.

·Keep away from heat sources: Magnesium oxide powder should be kept away from heat sources and high-temperature areas to prevent the risk of fire or explosion due to high temperatures or ignition.

·Ventilated environment: When using a large amount of magnesium oxide powder, ensure good ventilation in the working environment to avoid inhaling excessive dust, protecting the respiratory system.

2.Activity Testing and Selection:

·Activity testing: Before using magnesium oxide powder, conduct activity testing to understand its activity level and content, facilitating formulation design and ingredient selection according to molar ratios.

·Choose appropriate types: Select the appropriate type of magnesium oxide powder based on specific application scenarios. For example, magnesium oxide powders with different contents are suitable for different production needs. For instance, magnesium oxide with an 85% content is suitable for manufacturers requiring higher strength products, while an 80% content is suitable for manufacturers with general strength requirements.

3.Storage and Management:

·Storage environment: Magnesium oxide powder should be stored in a dry, cool, and ventilated place, avoiding contact with water to prevent the generation of hydrogen gas and flammable solutions. It should be stored separately from other types of chemicals to prevent reactions or accidents.

·Shelf life: Avoid using magnesium oxide powder with an excessively long shelf life. Ideally, it should be used within one month. For magnesium oxide powder stored for a long time, sieve before use and discard any clumped parts.

4.Preprocessing and Correct Usage:

·Preprocessing: Sometimes, preprocessing can be done before use to control the activity content of magnesium oxide.

·Formulation and dosage: Reasonably match and use magnesium oxide powder according to specific product and application requirements to ensure optimal results.

5.Specific Application Points:

·In certain applications such as wastewater treatment, leather production, rubber production, etc., special attention needs to be paid to factors such as the adsorption performance, pH control performance, and compatibility with other materials of magnesium oxide powder.

When using magnesium oxide powder, attention should be paid to safety, activity testing and selection, storage and management, preprocessing and correct usage, as well as specific application points, to ensure its effectiveness in different application scenarios and to ensure operational safety.