To stay updated on promotional prices for magnesium oxide, you can obtain relevant information through the following methods:

1.Industry News Websites: Follow industry news websites related to magnesium oxide. These sites often publish the latest market trends, price movements, and other information. You can subscribe to their RSS feeds, email notifications, or social media updates to receive real-time information.

2.Online B2B Platforms: Utilize online B2B platforms such as Alibaba, Baidu Baike, and others to search for and compare quotes from different suppliers of magnesium oxide. These platforms usually provide detailed product information, pricing, and supplier ratings, helping you find the best promotional prices.

3.Industry Associations and Trade Shows: Join industry associations related to magnesium oxide and participate in industry trade shows. These events offer opportunities to network with peers, understand market price trends, and learn about promotional activities. They typically gather many suppliers and buyers, making them a valuable source for promotional price information.

4.Direct Contact with Suppliers: Establish contact with magnesium oxide suppliers to inquire about their promotional activities and prices. You can communicate with suppliers via phone, email, or online chat to learn more about their products and services.

5.Social Media and Forums: Engage with peers and suppliers on social media platforms and industry forums to learn about market price trends and promotional activities. Information on these platforms can be more timely and specific, helping you quickly grasp promotional prices.

When comparing prices, besides considering the price itself, pay attention to the product’s quality, purity, particle size, and other performance indicators to ensure you purchase products that meet your needs. Additionally, focus on establishing a good relationship with suppliers to ensure the stability and reliability of your supply.