Magnesium oxide finds extensive applications across various industries and fields. Here are some of its major applications:

1.Industrial Applications:

Magnesium oxide is utilized in the production of magnesia-based products such as magnesia cement. This new type of cement offers advantages like lightweight, high strength, thermal insulation, fire resistance, environmental friendliness, and energy conservation, making it widely used in sectors like construction, municipal works, agriculture, and machinery.

In advanced lubricating oil processing, magnesium oxide serves as a cleaner, vanadium inhibitor, and desulfurizer, significantly enhancing the compactness and rheological properties of lubricating films.

Magnesium oxide is also a crucial raw material in metallurgy, smelting, advanced magnesia bricks, refractory materials, and moisture-retaining materials, used for manufacturing ceramics, enamel, refractory crucibles, and refractory bricks.

2.Biomedical Applications:

In the health supplement and food industries, magnesium oxide is employed as a food additive, stabilizer, and pH regulator.

In the biopharmaceutical sector, magnesium oxide acts as an antacid, adsorbent, chelating aid, etc., helping alleviate digestive system issues such as excessive gastric acid. Additionally, it can be utilized as a sedative and anticonvulsant medication for treating neurological disorders like anxiety, tension, insomnia, and epileptic seizures.

3.Other Applications:

Magnesium oxide serves as a plasticizer and surface coating paint in industries such as rubber, rubber sheets, rubber products, pharmaceuticals, plastic sheets, and fiberglass.

It plays a crucial role in industries like water treatment, catalysis, and petroleum catalytic sulfur transformation. For instance, in petroleum catalysts, the addition of magnesium oxide effectively enhances the adsorption performance and stability of the catalyst.

Magnesium oxide can also serve as a standard white pigment.

During its usage, strict adherence to relevant safety protocols is essential to avoid adverse effects on human health and the environment. For specific application scenarios, suitable types and qualities of magnesium oxide should be selected based on product requirements and process conditions.