The price of zinc gluconate can be influenced by several factors, including the cost of its raw materials.

Zinc gluconate is typically derived from zinc oxide or zinc carbonate.The cost of zinc oxide, which is the primary source of zinc, can impact the price of zinc gluconate.The price of zinc oxide is influenced by factors such as global zinc supply and demand, production costs, and market conditions.

Gluconic acid is used in the production of zinc gluconate.The cost of gluconic acid, which is derived from glucose or corn syrup, can affect the price of zinc gluconate.Factors such as the availability and cost of raw materials for gluconic acid production can influence its price.

Zinc gluconate formulations may also contain other ingredients, such as fillers, binders, and excipients.The cost and availability of these additional ingredients can impact the overall production cost and, in turn, the price of zinc gluconate.

The cost of manufacturing zinc gluconate, including processing, packaging, and quality control, can contribute to its price.Labor costs, energy costs, and other production expenses can affect the overall cost of manufacturing zinc gluconate.

Supply and demand dynamics in the market can also influence the price of zinc gluconate.   Factors such as the overall demand for zinc gluconate as a dietary supplement or its use in various industries, as well as the availability of supply from manufacturers, can impact its price.

The prices of raw materials and the final product can vary over time due to market fluctuations and other factors.Additionally, specific pricing details may vary among manufacturers and suppliers.