The professional development of mineral premixes is a complex and intricate process that involves the integrated application of knowledge and techniques from multiple disciplines. The foundation of mineral premix development lies in a deep understanding of the nutritional requirements of animals or humans, which includes precise knowledge of the requirements for various minerals, trace elements, vitamins, and other nutrients. This necessitates extensive experimental research and data analysis to ensure that the premix formulation can meet the nutritional needs of specific targets at different growth stages or physiological states.

During the development process, it is crucial to select high-quality raw materials, as the quality of the raw materials directly impacts the nutritional value and effectiveness of the premix. Therefore, the development team needs to rigorously screen raw materials to ensure they meet safety, hygiene, environmental protection standards, and have stable nutritional composition and bioavailability.

In terms of formulation design, the development team needs to determine the proportions of various ingredients based on nutritional requirements and raw material characteristics using scientific calculation methods. This requires balancing the nutritional content of the premix while avoiding excess or deficiency of certain components. Additionally, consideration must be given to the interaction and stability of raw materials to ensure that the premix maintains its nutritional value and effectiveness during storage and use.

The development process also requires extensive experimental validation, including laboratory animal trials and clinical trials, to assess the nutritional effects, safety, and bioavailability of the premix. By continuously adjusting and optimizing the formulation, the development team can gradually improve the quality and performance of the premix.

Furthermore, with advancements in technology and changes in market demand, the development of mineral premixes requires continuous innovation and upgrades. For example, modern biotechnology and nanotechnology can enhance the bioavailability and absorption rate of premixes, while the use of the internet and big data technology can enable precision nutrition formulation and personalized customization.

Professional development also requires attention to regulations, policies, and market dynamics, including understanding national regulations on feed additives and premixes, as well as market demand and competitive trends. By timely adjusting development strategies and product directions, competitiveness and sustainable development capabilities of mineral premixes in the market can be ensured.

The professional development of mineral premixes is a comprehensive process that requires support from multidisciplinary knowledge and continuous technological innovation. Through scientific methods and technological means, high-quality, high-performance mineral premixes can be developed to provide robust nutritional support for the health of animals or humans.