Calcium gluconate is commonly used in food as a calcium supplement and food additive.It is available in various forms to suit different food applications.

Calcium gluconate powder is a fine, white powder that is soluble in water.It can be easily incorporated into dry food products or used for preparing calcium-fortified beverages.

Calcium gluconate granules are larger particles of the powder form.They provide similar functionality and can be used in various food applications, including baked goods, cereals, or dietary supplements.

Calcium gluconate is available in liquid form, usually as a concentrated solution.It is convenient for adding to liquid food products, such as beverages, juices, or dairy products, where it can be easily mixed.

Calcium gluconate is also formulated into tablets or capsules, primarily for dietary supplements or specialized calcium-fortified products.These solid forms provide a convenient way for individuals to consume calcium as part of their daily nutritional intake.

The specific form of calcium gluconate used in food depends on factors such as the desired application, formulation requirements, and manufacturing processes.Food manufacturers can choose the appropriate form of calcium gluconate based on the specific needs of their product and the target market.