Factory direct sales of mineral premixes often come with a series of advantages. As the sales are direct from the factory, the pricing of the mineral premixes tends to be more transparent and reasonable, without the mark-up from intermediaries, thus offering customers more competitive prices.

Factory direct sales typically mean that customers can receive timelier and more professional technical support and services. Factory technical teams usually have extensive experience and expertise, and can provide personalized solutions based on customer needs, helping them better utilize the premixes.

Moreover, factory direct sales premixes often come with higher quality assurance. During production, factories generally adhere strictly to quality standards and production norms to ensure the ingredients in the premixes are accurate and uniform, and comply with relevant regulations.

When purchasing factory direct sales mineral premixes, customers also need to be aware of certain issues. On one hand, they need to ensure that the purchased premixes meet their own needs and standards, including components, proportions, and target applications. On the other hand, customers should understand the usage methods of the premixes to ensure they can achieve the best effects. Additionally, customers need to pay attention to the storage and transportation of the premixes to avoid quality degradation due to improper handling.

Factory direct sales of mineral premixes offer advantages such as transparent pricing, quality assurance, and technical support, making them a quality choice for customers selecting premixes. However, customers need to be mindful of related issues and details to ensure that the purchased premixes meet their needs and expectations.