The key components that should be included in the export quotation of copper gluconateare header information, buyer information, quotation number, product details, quantity and price, validity period,currency and payment terms, shipping and delivery, packaging and labeling, documentation, quality and inspection, additional charges, contact information,terms and conditions, acceptance and signature line, etc.

1.Header Information: Our company's name, address, contact details, and logo, date of quotation issuance.

2. Buyer Information:Buyer's name, company name, address, and contact details.

3. Quotation Number:A unique identifier for the quotation, which can help in tracking and reference.

4. Product Details:Clear and accurate description of the copper gluconate product, including chemical composition, specifications, and any relevant technical details.Packaging details, such as container type, size, and quantity per container.Any special features or attributes of the product.

5. Quantity and Price:Quantity of copper gluconate being quoted (e.g., in metric tons or other appropriate units).Unit price per quantity (e.g., price per metric ton or per unit).Total price for the quoted quantity.

6. Validity Period:The duration for which the quotation is valid.After this period, the prices and terms may be subject to change.

7. Currency and Payment Terms:Currency in which the prices are quoted (e.g., USD, EUR, etc.).Payment terms, including accepted methods of payment (e.g., letter of credit, bank transfer), payment schedule, and any applicable discounts or incentives.

8. Shipping and Delivery:Incoterms® specifying the terms of delivery (e.g., FOB, CIF, EXW, etc.).Estimated delivery time or lead time from order confirmation to shipment.

9. Packaging and Labeling:Description of how the copper gluconate will be packaged and labeled for shipping, ensuring compliance with relevant regulations.

10. Documentation:List of required documents, such as certificates of analysis (COA), certificates of origin, safety data sheets (SDS), and any other documentation that the buyer might need for customs clearance or regulatory purposes.

11. Quality and Inspection:Mention of any quality assurance measures or inspections conducted on the copper gluconate, if applicable.

12. Additional Charges:Any additional charges that the buyer should be aware of, such as shipping, insurance, customs duties, or taxes.

13. Contact Information:Contact person's name, email, phone number, and other relevant details for inquiries or order placement.

14. Terms and Conditions:Any specific terms and conditions related to the transaction, including warranties, dispute resolution, cancellation, and force majeure clauses.

15. Acceptance and Signature Line:A space for the buyer's authorized representative to sign and accept the quotation, indicating their agreement to the terms outlined.

The export quotation serves as a formal offer, and its accuracy and clarity are crucial for both parties involved in the transaction.Ensure that all details are accurate, complete, and aligned with our company's policies and the regulations of international trade.