Magnesium oxide is an inorganic compound with the chemical formula MgO. It is usually a white solid, but it may also appear gray or yellowish due to the preparation method and the presence of impurities. It exists in the form of periclase and has a high lattice energy. Magnesium oxide is insoluble in water, but it will slowly react with water to produce magnesium hydroxide. It has high stability at high temperatures.

Although the alkalinity of magnesium oxide is not as strong as sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide, the dissolved part in water will show alkalinity and react with acid to produce corresponding magnesium salt and water. At high temperatures, magnesium oxide can be reduced to metallic magnesium by some reducing agents.


· Industrial uses:

Used as a refractory material for manufacturing refractory bricks, crucibles, chinaware, furnace grates, etc.

Used as a filler in plastics, rubber, paint, paper, and other products.

Used as a desulfurizer for flue gas desulfurization.

Used as an adsorbent for wastewater treatment and air purification.

Used as a flux in the glass and ceramic industries.

· Medical uses:

Used as an antacid.

Used as a laxative.

· Agricultural uses:

Used as a fertilizer additive to provide magnesium to plants.

Used as a soil conditioner to help regulate soil pH.

· Other uses:

Used as a catalyst or catalyst carrier.

Used in the electronics industry to manufacture insulating materials and magnetic materials.

2.Preparation methods:

Calcination method: Calcining magnesite (MgCO₃) or other magnesium-containing compounds at high temperatures to decompose them into magnesium oxide and carbon dioxide.

Chemical method: Preparing magnesium oxide through chemical reactions, such as thermal decomposition of magnesium hydroxide or the reaction of magnesium salts with alkaline substances.


Magnesium oxide is non-toxic to humans, but large intakes may cause diarrhea and other digestive discomfort.

When using, avoid direct contact with eyes and skin to prevent irritation.

Magnesium oxide is a multi-functional inorganic compound with wide applications in industries such as industry, medicine, agriculture, and more.