When using feed-grade taurine powder in animal feed, it is essential to pay attention to its concentration to ensure the health and productivity of the animals.

The required concentration of feed-grade taurine varies depending on animal species, growth stages, feed types, and rearing environments. Different animals have different taurine needs; for example, pigs, cattle, chickens, ducks, and fish have varying requirements. The demand for taurine also changes at different growth stages, with young and adult animals, as well as animals in growth or reproductive phases, having different needs. The type and formulation of the feed also affect taurine concentration, as the presence of other nutrients in the feed can influence taurine requirements. Environmental factors such as temperature and humidity can also impact taurine needs, with animals possibly requiring more taurine in hot and humid conditions to maintain their physiological functions.

Generally, it is recommended to add taurine to feed at a concentration of 0.1% to 0.5%, although this range is not absolute. The specific concentration should be adjusted based on actual conditions. For example, in certain situations like high temperature and humidity or during periods of high productivity, it may be necessary to increase the taurine dosage appropriately.

When using feed-grade taurine powder, it is important to calculate the appropriate dosage based on the animal species, growth stage, and feed type. The taurine should be evenly mixed into the feed to ensure that each portion contains an adequate amount. This can be achieved using specialized mixing equipment. Additionally, taurine-supplemented feed should be stored in a way that prevents moisture, sunlight, and spoilage.

Excessive use of taurine can lead to adverse reactions or abnormal growth and development in animals. Therefore, it is crucial to control the dosage strictly and avoid overuse. During usage, it is also important to combine taurine with other feeds and additives to ensure balanced nutrition and healthy growth of the animals.

In summary, the application of feed-grade taurine powder in feed requires careful attention to its concentration. The specific dosage should be determined based on animal species, growth stages, feed types, and environmental factors. Adherence to principles such as reasonable calculation, even mixing, moisture and sun protection, avoiding overuse, and combining with other feed and additives is necessary for effective use.