Controlling the dosage of food-grade taurine is an important step to ensure food safety and quality. The following are clear guidelines on how to control the dosage of food-grade taurine based on the provided reference information:

1. Understand Usage Standards

According to GB14880-94:

·Dairy products, infant foods, and cereal products, fortified beverages: 0.3–0.5g/kg

·Dairy drinks, liquid beverages: 0.1–0.5g/kg

According to GB2760-2002:

·Prepared alcoholic beverages: 0.1–0.5g/kg

·Jelly: 0.3–0.5g/kg

·Soy milk powder, soy powder: 0.3–0.5g/kg

·Soy milk, soy beverage: 0.06–0.1g/kg

·Children's oral liquid: 4.0–8.0g/kg

·Fruit juice (fruit-flavored) drinks: 0.4–0.6g/kg

·Cocoa powder and other flavored nutritional solid drinks: 110–140mg/100g

2. Clarify the Purpose of Use

·Determine the role of taurine in the food based on the type and purpose of the food, such as improving taste or preserving.

3. Calculate the Addition Amount

·Based on the total weight or volume of the food and the dosage range specified in the standards above, calculate the amount of taurine needed.

4. Accurate Weighing

·Use precise weighing tools, such as electronic scales, to ensure the amount of taurine added is accurate.

5. Uniform Mixing

·Ensure that taurine is thoroughly and evenly mixed with other ingredients during the food production process to guarantee consistent taurine content in the food.

6. Testing and Verification

·After production, test the taurine content in the food to verify that it meets the specified dosage standards.

7. Precautions

·Do not exceed the recommended amount of taurine to avoid food safety risks.

·Be aware of the interactions between taurine and other food additives to prevent adverse chemical reactions.

Controlling the dosage of food-grade taurine requires adherence to relevant national standards and regulations to ensure food safety and quality. During the production process, it is important to pay attention to accurate weighing, uniform mixing, and testing and verification to ensure that the taurine content in the food meets the prescribed standards.