When customizing taurine powder, purity and appearance are two crucial parameters that directly affect the quality and performance of the product.

The purity of taurine powder refers to the content of taurine (C2H7NO3S) in the product. Generally, the purity of industrial-grade and food-grade taurine powder varies, but high purity is typically required to ensure product stability and safety. High-purity taurine powder can better exert its effects, such as enhancing immunity, relieving fatigue, and improving memory. Therefore, when customizing taurine powder, it is important to specify the required purity and ensure that the supplier can provide products that meet the standards.

The appearance of taurine powder is usually expected to be a white or off-white crystalline powder, odorless, and slightly acidic in taste. High-quality taurine powder should have a uniform particle distribution and fine texture, without clumping, impurities, or discoloration. The appearance can be inspected visually and by touch, or more finely observed using instruments like microscopes. When customizing taurine powder, you can request the supplier to provide photos or samples of the product for confirmation.

Purity and appearance are not the only standards for measuring the quality of taurine powder. Other factors such as solubility, heavy metal content, and microbiological indicators also need to be considered. Therefore, when customizing taurine powder, it is essential to consider various factors comprehensively and communicate thoroughly with the supplier to ensure that the final product meets your requirements.