The correct storage methods for magnesium oxide powder mainly include the following points:

Environment: The storage environment must be kept dry and ventilated. A layer of plastic film should be placed between the product and the ground to isolate moisture, avoid direct sunlight and high temperatures, to maintain a stable storage environment.

Packaging: The packaging of magnesium oxide powder must be tightly sealed to prevent air and moisture from entering. If the packaging has been opened, it should be promptly resealed. Generally, an inner plastic bag is used with outer packaging of double-layer kraft paper to maintain its dryness.

Stacking: After stacking, place lime blocks to prevent moisture absorption and reduce activity. Since calcium oxide has stronger moisture absorption, placing calcium oxide as a desiccant in the warehouse is very effective in reducing humidity.

Storage quantity: Due to the shelf life of magnesium oxide powder, it is not advisable to accumulate too much at once. Even with good moisture-proof measures, magnesium oxide may deteriorate after a long time.

Isolation storage: Magnesium oxide powder needs to be stored separately from substances such as hygroscopic materials, inorganic acids, and strong alkalis to prevent chemical reactions that may affect its quality and safety.

Regular inspection: During storage, regular inspections should be conducted to ensure that the containers are intact, preventing changes in the properties of magnesium oxide.

By following the above storage methods, the quality and safety of magnesium oxide powder can be ensured, extending its lifespan.