The wholesale supply price of mineral premix factories is relatively low for several reasons:

Economies of scale reduce costs: Mineral premix factories typically have large-scale production capabilities. Through mass production, they can significantly reduce the production costs per unit. Additionally, due to the large purchasing volume of raw materials, factories often enjoy more favorable prices, further lowering costs.

Technological optimization improves efficiency: With advancements in technology, mineral premix factories continuously introduce new technologies and equipment to enhance production efficiency. This reduces energy consumption and waste, leading to improved product quality and further cost reduction, making the wholesale supply price more competitive.

Market competition drives price reduction: The mineral premix market is highly competitive, prompting factories to develop more attractive pricing strategies to compete for market share. By lowering wholesale supply prices, factories can attract more customers, increase sales volume, and achieve economies of scale.

Integration advantages in the industry chain: Some large mineral premix factories have the capability to integrate the entire industry chain, from raw material procurement and production processing to sales and distribution. This integration advantage helps to reduce overall operating costs, improve production efficiency, and establish an advantage in wholesale supply prices.

Although the wholesale supply price of mineral premix factories is low, customers should still prioritize product quality and after-sales service when making their selection. Choosing factories with reliable quality and comprehensive service ensures the maximization of their own interests. Customers should also make rational choices based on their needs and budget to select suitable mineral premix products.