The precise formulation of mineral premix in animal feed is a relatively complex process that requires a comprehensive consideration of factors such as the specific requirements of different animals, nutritional components, growth stages, and health conditions. The following are some general recommendations, but please note that these suggestions may need adjustments based on specific circumstances.

Determine mineral requirements: It is essential to understand the mineral needs of the target animals at different growth stages. This information can be obtained through consulting relevant nutritional literature or seeking advice from nutrition experts. Generally, animal mineral requirements vary with their growth stages and physiological conditions.

Select appropriate mineral sources: Minerals can be added to feed in various forms, including inorganic salts, oxides, chelates, etc. When choosing mineral sources, factors such as bioavailability, stability, and cost need to be considered.

Establish premix formulation: After determining mineral requirements and selecting mineral sources, the formulation of the premix can be set. The premix formula should include all essential minerals mixed in appropriate proportions. Typically, the mineral content in the premix should be adjusted based on the animal's daily feed intake to ensure they receive sufficient minerals.

Consider other nutritional components: When formulating the premix, consideration should also be given to other nutritional components such as vitamins, amino acids, etc. These nutrients interact with minerals and may affect mineral absorption and utilization.

Conduct trials and adjustments: Finally, it is crucial to validate the effectiveness of the premix formula through trials. During the experimental process, monitoring indicators such as animal growth performance, health status, and mineral intake is necessary. If any issues are identified, adjustments to the formula should be made to optimize the effectiveness of the mineral premix.

In summary, the precise formulation of mineral premix in animal feed requires a comprehensive consideration of various factors, including animal requirements, mineral sources, other nutritional components, and trial results. Through scientific formulation design and experimental validation, it is possible to ensure that animals receive sufficient minerals to maintain their health and growth.