With the continuous expansion of the pet market and increasing consumer focus on pet health, mineral premixes, as crucial nutritional additives, are gaining growing attention in the pet food industry. The trend of using mineral premixes in pet food is gradually increasing.

Mineral premixes primarily encompass various mineral elements such as calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, copper, zinc, etc., all of which play essential roles in the growth, development, and maintenance of pets' overall health. Incorporating mineral premixes into pet food meets the mineral element requirements of pets, enhances the nutritional value of pet food, and promotes the healthy growth of pets.

In recent years, as consumer awareness of pet health has risen, more pet owners are paying attention to the nutritional composition and quality of pet food. Consequently, the trend of using mineral premixes in pet food is gradually growing. Simultaneously, with continuous advancements in technology and improvements in research and development, the quality and effectiveness of mineral premixes have continually risen, providing the pet food industry with more choices and possibilities.

The trend of using mineral premixes in the pet food industry is gradually growing, and in the future, as consumers continuously pursue pet health and the quality of pet food, the prospects for the application of mineral premixes will become even more extensive.