Trace minerals are essential nutrients in the growth and development process of poultry, playing a significant role in maintaining their normal physiological functions. By using trace mineral premixes, poultry can obtain comprehensive and balanced nutrition to meet their growth requirements, thus promoting their healthy growth.

The use of trace mineral premixes helps improve the productive performance of poultry. For instance, certain trace minerals can enhance the development of poultry bones and feather growth, improve their disease resistance and immunity, reduce morbidity and mortality rates. Trace minerals can also improve the digestive and absorptive functions of poultry, enhance feed utilization rates, and lower breeding costs.

Additionally, trace mineral premixes can improve the quality of poultry products. For example, adding an appropriate amount of selenium, zinc, and other trace minerals can increase the egg production rate and egg quality of laying hens, making eggshells harder and egg yolks more vibrant. These trace minerals also help improve the taste and nutritional value of meat, enhancing the market competitiveness of the products.

When using poultry trace mineral premixes, it's important to scientifically and rationally formulate and use them based on the poultry breed, growth stage, breeding environment, and other factors. Excessive or insufficient use may negatively affect the growth and productive performance of poultry. Therefore, it is advisable for breeders to consult professionals or refer to relevant guidebooks before use to ensure its effectiveness and safety.