Professional production of mineral premixes needs to meet a series of strict requirements to ensure product quality and safety. These requirements include:

1.Raw Material Selection and Procurement: The selection of raw materials is the first step in the production of mineral premixes. It is necessary to choose high-quality, standard-compliant mineral raw materials. The procurement of raw materials should be strictly managed to ensure the legality and reliability of their sources.

2.Production Site and Equipment: The production site should be located in an industrial park or industrial land that meets environmental and sanitary standards, equipped with comprehensive facilities for hygiene, dust prevention, rodent control, and insect control. Production equipment should conform to national mandatory standards, including mixers, measuring devices, packaging machines, etc., and should be regularly maintained to ensure smooth production processes and stable product quality.

3.Process Flow and Operation: The production process should follow scientific procedures to ensure accurate measurement and uniform mixing of raw materials. The staff should have a thorough understanding of the names and functions of various raw materials and operate strictly according to the formula to ensure the accuracy of the ingredients in each batch. Meanwhile, the order of feeding and mixing time should also be strictly controlled to ensure product uniformity and stability.

4.Quality Testing and Control: The production process should include strict quality testing and control measures, including raw material inspection, process monitoring, and product testing. Products should be regularly sampled to ensure they meet relevant standards and customer requirements.

5.Safety and Environmental Protection: The production process should prioritize safety and environmental protection, ensuring the safety and health of employees. Wastewater, exhaust gases, and other wastes should be effectively treated to meet national environmental protection requirements.

6.Employee Training and Management System: Enterprises should establish a comprehensive employee training system, regularly providing skill and safety training. A thorough management system should be established, covering raw material management, production process management, product management, etc., to ensure standardized and efficient production.

Professional production of mineral premixes must meet the requirements in terms of raw materials, site, equipment, processes, quality, safety and environmental protection, as well as employee training and management. Only by meeting these criteria can high-quality, safe, and reliable mineral premix products be produced.