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Taurine, as a common food additive, is widely used in the food industry due to its excellent water solubility, non-toxicity, and high thermal stability.

In beverages, taurine is mainly used as a flavor enhancer and preservative. Its refreshing taste and slight sweetness can improve the flavor of beverages and increase consumer intake. It also has certain antibacterial properties, which help extend the shelf life of beverages by preventing the growth and reproduction of microorganisms. Taurine is widely used in coffee, tea, sports drinks, and other beverages. For example, some well-known sports drink brands add this ingredient to their products to meet consumer needs for energy replenishment and mental alertness.

In dairy products, taurine can act as a stabilizer, improving the consistency and stability of the products, thereby enhancing their taste and texture. Additionally, it has the effect of inhibiting microbial growth, which helps extend the shelf life of dairy products. Taurine can be added to yogurt, cheese, and other dairy products, as well as infant formula. It is an important nutrient that contributes to the growth and development of infants.

In the candy-making process, taurine can act as a humectant and flavor enhancer, helping to improve the taste and texture of candies. Adding it to chocolates, chewing gums, and other candies can provide unique taste and flavor to the products.

Apart from the above-mentioned foods, taurine can also be used in the production of various other foods such as baked goods and seasonings. Adding it to these foods can enhance their nutritional value or improve their taste.

According to GB 14880-2012 "National Food Safety Standard for the Use of Food Nutritional Fortification Substances," taurine is a naturally or artificially synthesized food nutritional fortification substance, with clearly defined usage amounts in foods such as formulated milk powder, soybean powder, dairy beverages, and solid beverages. Additionally, GB 24154-2015 "National Food Safety Standard for Sports Nutrition Food" also specifies the amount of taurine that can be added to sports nutrition foods.

Taurine is widely used in the food industry and can be applied to the production of various foods. Its use is also strictly regulated by relevant laws and regulations to ensure food safety and consumer health.