The application of taurine in dairy products is multifaceted. In products such as yogurt and cheese, it can act as a stabilizer, helping to improve the consistency and stability of the product, thereby enhancing its taste and texture. Additionally, it has certain preservative effects, inhibiting microbial growth, extending the shelf life of dairy products, and ensuring their safety and quality.

Taurine is an important nutrient and a key component in infant formula, contributing to the growth and development of infants. Furthermore, taurine plays a significant role in enhancing the nutritional value of foods.

As a unique amino acid found in mammalian milk, taurine is crucial for promoting brain vitality. It stimulates the proliferation and maturation of nerve cells, strengthens memory capabilities, and optimizes the brain's internal information transmission mechanisms. Specifically, taurine promotes the synthesis of acetylcholine, which is integral to memory formation, providing strong support for quick thinking.

Taurine is a vital nutrient in infant formula, having a positive impact on brain development and overall health of infants. In products like yogurt and cheese, it not only improves the physical stability of the product but also extends the shelf life through its preservative effects, while providing additional nutritional benefits to consumers.

The use of taurine in the food industry is strictly regulated to ensure its safety and effectiveness. Food production companies must adhere to relevant food safety regulations and standards, ensuring that the amount of taurine used is within a reasonable range and avoiding concurrent use with other ingredients that may cause adverse interactions.

Taurine has broad and important applications in dairy products. It not only enhances the physical stability and shelf life of the products but also offers additional nutritional benefits to consumers, particularly in promoting brain function. With the continuous improvement and strengthening of food safety regulations, the use of taurine in dairy products will become more standardized and safe.