Calcium hydrogen phosphate, also known as dibasic calcium phosphate, is commonly used in the food industry for various purposes.

Calcium hydrogen phosphate serves as a source of calcium, an essential mineral important for bone health, teeth development, nerve function, and muscle function.It is used to fortify food products with additional calcium content.

Calcium hydrogen phosphate is used as a leavening agent in baked goods, such as bread, cakes, and pastries.It helps in providing texture and volume to these products.

Calcium hydrogen phosphate acts as a buffering agent, helping to regulate and stabilize the pH of certain food and beverage products.It can contribute to maintaining the desired acidity or alkalinity in formulations.

In powdered products, such as spices, seasonings, and powdered drinks, calcium hydrogen phosphate may be used as an anti-caking agent to prevent the formation of lumps and improve flowability.

Calcium hydrogen phosphate is used in dairy products to enhance the calcium content.It may contribute to the texture and stability of dairy-based formulations.It can be used in plant-based dairy alternatives to fortify them with calcium.

Calcium hydrogen phosphate is used in the formulation of calcium supplements, either as tablets or capsules, providing a convenient way for individuals to meet their calcium requirements.

In certain beverages, especially those in which calcium is beneficial, calcium hydrogen phosphate may be added for fortification purposes.

In processed meat products such as sausages and luncheon meats, calcium hydrogen phosphate may be used to improve texture, binding, and moisture retention.

Calcium hydrogen phosphate is also used in the pharmaceutical industry as a tablet binder, providing cohesion to pressed tablets.

In cheese production, calcium hydrogen phosphate may be used to control pH during the cheese-making process.

The use of calcium hydrogen phosphate in the food industry is subject to regulatory guidelines, and manufacturers must adhere to permissible levels as specified by food safety authorities.Calcium hydrogen phosphate's selection and application depend on the specific requirements of the food product and the desired functional properties.