Ferric pyrophosphate is an iron salt of pyrophosphoric acid.It is a chemical compound with the chemical formula Fe4(P2O7)3.It is commonly used as a food additive and nutritional supplement to fortify iron in various food products.

Here are some key points about ferric pyrophosphate:

Iron fortification: Ferric pyrophosphate is used to fortify iron content in food products, particularly in foods where iron deficiency is a concern or where additional iron is desired.It is commonly added to cereals, bread, pasta, infant formulas, and other fortified food products.

Stability: Ferric pyrophosphate is stable under normal storage and processing conditions.It does not react with other food ingredients and does not cause significant changes in taste, color, or texture of the fortified food.

Iron bioavailability: Ferric pyrophosphate is a form of iron that has low bioavailability compared to some other forms of iron, such as ferrous sulfate.This means that the iron from ferric pyrophosphate is not easily absorbed by the body.However, it is still effective in increasing total iron intake when consumed regularly.

Safety: Ferric pyrophosphate is generally recognized as safe (GRAS) by regulatory authorities when used as a food additive in accordance with good manufacturing practices.It has been extensively studied for its safety and efficacy in iron fortification.

Nutritional supplement: Ferric pyrophosphate is also used as a nutritional supplement in the form of iron tablets or capsules.It is often prescribed for individuals with iron deficiency anemia or as a preventive measure for populations at risk of iron deficiency.

If we have specific dietary or medical concerns related to iron intake or supplementation, it is advisable to consult with a healthcare professional or a registered dietitian for personalized guidance.