Ferrous gluconate can be used to produce a variety of food products.

Ferrous gluconate is commonly used in the production of fortified cereals.It can be added to cereal grains during the manufacturing process to increase their iron content and provide a good source of iron in breakfast cereals.

Ferrous gluconate can be incorporated into baked goods such as bread, cakes, cookies, and pastries. It helps to fortify these products with iron and improve their nutritional value.

Ferrous gluconate can be added to pasta and rice products to enhance their iron content.This is particularly useful for producing fortified or enriched varieties of pasta and rice, providing an additional source of iron in these staple food products.

Ferrous gluconate is used in the production of baby foods and infant formulas to ensure an adequate iron intake for infants.It can be added to pureed fruits, vegetables, cereals, and meat-based baby foods.

Ferrous gluconate is commonly used in the production of iron supplements and multivitamin-mineral supplements.It can be formulated into tablets, capsules, or liquid forms to provide a concentrated source of iron for individuals with low iron levels or increased iron needs.

Ferrous gluconate can be used in the production of functional foods and beverages, such as iron-fortified juices, iron-enriched energy bars, or iron-fortified protein shakes.These products are designed to provide specific health benefits and may target individuals with iron deficiency or increased iron requirements.

The specific usage levels and regulations for ferrous gluconate in food production may vary between countries.Food manufacturers should adhere to the regulations and guidelines set by the relevant food authorities in their respective markets.