For the storage of large quantities of taurine powder, it is crucial to follow the requirements based on its chemical properties and stability to ensure its quality and safety. Here are some key storage recommendations:

1.Environment Selection:

·Store in a cool, well-ventilated warehouse, away from sources of fire and heat. Ensure the ambient temperature is controlled at room temperature to prevent taurine powder from deteriorating due to high temperatures.

·The storage area should have good ventilation to prevent high humidity from causing the taurine powder to absorb moisture and clump.

2.Packaging and Sealing:

·Taurine powder should be packed in appropriate packaging materials, such as 25 kg cardboard drums, cartons, or paper bags lined with two layers of polyethylene bags. This effectively isolates the powder from external air and moisture, preventing oxidation or moisture absorption.

·Keep the containers sealed to prevent contamination or moisture absorption during storage.

3.Storage Location:

·Taurine powder should be stored separately from oxidants to prevent chemical reactions that could affect its quality and safety.

·The storage area should prohibit the use of spark-producing mechanical equipment and tools to reduce fire risk.

4.Lighting and Facilities:

Use explosion-proof lighting and ventilation facilities in the storage area to reduce the risk of fire and explosion.

5.Emergency Handling:

·The storage area should be equipped with emergency spill handling equipment and appropriate containment materials to quickly address any leaks and prevent environmental contamination by taurine powder.

6.Storage Period:

·Arrange the storage period of taurine powder reasonably based on its shelf life and stability data. Regularly inspect the quality and stability of the taurine powder during storage to ensure it remains in good condition.

7.Personnel Training:

·Provide professional training for personnel responsible for storing taurine powder, ensuring they understand its chemical properties and storage requirements, and master the correct storage methods and emergency handling measures.

In summary, large quantities of taurine powder should be stored in cool, ventilated, and dry warehouses, using appropriate packaging materials and keeping containers sealed. It is also important to store it separately from oxidants, use explosion-proof lighting and ventilation facilities, and have emergency spill handling equipment on hand. Through strict storage management, the quality and safety of taurine powder can be ensured.