Judging the quality of mineral premixes from their appearance can focus on several aspects:

1.Particle shape and color: A good premix should have regular particle shape, uniform color, smooth surface, and no impurities or foreign matter. Conversely, if the particle size is irregular, color is uneven, or the surface is rough, the quality of the premix may be questionable.

2.Flowability: High-quality premixes should have a certain degree of flowability, indicating uniform distribution of components and resistance to clumping. If clumping or particle aggregation occurs, it may indicate poor quality.

3.Odor: In addition to visual inspection, smell is also an important means of assessment. A good premix should have a fresh, odorless smell. If a pungent or abnormal odor is detected, it may indicate spoilage or the presence of harmful ingredients.

These are basic methods for judging the quality of premixes from their appearance. More accurate assessment requires professional chemical analysis and experiments. If you have doubts about the quality of premixes, it is advisable to seek assistance from professionals or relevant institutions to ensure the purchase of high-quality, safe premixes.