Magnesium citrate is a chemical compound that consists of magnesium and citric acid.It is commonly used as a dietary supplement and as a laxative.Magnesium citrate is available in various forms, including liquids, powders, and capsules.

The distribution and sales of magnesium citrate by manufacturers can vary, and it is not limited to specific countries.Magnesium citrate is a common dietary supplement that is available in many countries around the world.Manufacturers often distribute their products to a wide range of markets to reach a global customer base.

Some of the countries where magnesium citrate supplements are commonly available include the United States, Canada, European countries, Australia, and many others.Manufacturers may sell their products to local distributors, retailers, or directly to consumers through online channels.

To find out which countries a specific manufacturer directly sells to, you should visit the manufacturer's official website, contact their customer support, or check with local distributors and retailers in your region.Additionally, you can also check with online marketplaces and e-commerce platforms where dietary supplements are sold to see if the manufacturer's products are available for purchase in your country.