In many cases, purchasing products directly from the factory, also known as factory direct sales, can lead to lower prices.However, whether the price of sodium malate is lower through factory direct sales depends on various factors, including the production and distribution model of the factory, economies of scale, and the overall supply chain structure.

When buying directly from the factory, you typically eliminate intermediaries such as distributors and wholesalers.This can result in cost savings as there are fewer entities in the supply chain that need to mark up the price to cover their own costs and profit margins.

Factory direct sales may allow for reduced overhead costs associated with maintaining a complex distribution network.The savings on overhead expenses can contribute to lower prices for the end customer.

Factories often offer discounts for bulk purchases.Buying directly from the factory allows customers to take advantage of economies of scale, which means that the per-unit cost tends to decrease as the order volume increases.

Direct communication with the factory may provide more flexibility in terms of product customization and negotiation.Buyers can discuss their specific needs directly with the manufacturer, potentially resulting in a tailored solution at a competitive price.

Factory direct sales may offer more transparent pricing, as buyers can have direct communication with the manufacturer regarding production costs and pricing structures.This transparency can foster trust and understanding between the buyer and the factory.

Direct access to the factory may facilitate better communication regarding quality standards and assurance.Buyers can directly discuss specifications and quality control measures, ensuring that the product meets their requirements.

However, it's important to note that there are exceptions, and not all factory direct sales necessarily guarantee lower prices. Larger, more efficient factories with advanced production capabilities may be better positioned to offer competitive prices through factory direct sales. Economic factors, market demand, and global conditions can influence pricing, even for factory direct sales. The location of the factory and the buyer can impact transportation costs.  In some cases, shipping costs may offset the potential savings from factory direct sales.

Before opting for factory direct sales, it's advisable to conduct thorough research, consider multiple suppliers, and evaluate the overall value proposition, including factors such as quality, reliability, and customer service.Negotiating directly with the factory and exploring the terms of the agreement can also be essential in securing the best possible pricing.