Storing ferric pyrophosphate in a humid environment is generally not recommended by us.  Ferric pyrophosphate is sensitive to moisture and can easily absorb water from the surrounding environment.

Ferric pyrophosphate readily absorbs moisture from the air, leading to clumping, caking, and potential degradation of the product.Moisture absorption can negatively affect its chemical stability, physical properties, and overall quality.

Excessive moisture exposure can cause ferric pyrophosphate to become less soluble in water or other solvents.This reduced solubility can affect its functionality and its ability to dissolve or disperse properly in applications where it is required.

Moisture provides an environment conducive to microbial growth, which can contaminate ferric pyrophosphate and compromise its purity and safety.Humid conditions can create a breeding ground for bacteria, molds, or fungi that may affect the quality of the product.

To ensure the longevity and quality of ferric pyrophosphate, it is best to store it in a cool, dry environment with low humidity.

We store ferric pyrophosphate in a cool area, preferably below room temperature.  We need maintain a low humidity level, ideally below 60% to minimize moisture absorption,ensure that the packaging is tightly sealed and moisture-resistant to prevent exposure to ambient moisture.

By following these storage guidelines, we can help preserve the integrity, stability, and quality of ferric pyrophosphate over its shelf life.