Calcium gluconate is available in several forms for supplementation.

Calcium gluconate is often formulated into tablets or capsules, which are easy to take orally.These solid dosage forms typically contain a specific amount of calcium gluconate, along with other inactive ingredients, to form a compact tablet or encapsulated powder.

Calcium gluconate can be formulated as a liquid solution or suspension.These liquid forms are usually provided in bottles or vials and can be consumed directly or mixed with water or other beverages for administration.

Calcium gluconate is also available as an injectable solution, primarily used for intravenous administration in medical settings.Injectable calcium gluconate is used for the treatment of calcium deficiencies or for emergency treatment of conditions such as calcium channel blocker toxicity.

The specific form and concentration of calcium gluconate may vary depending on the intended use, dosage, and the manufacturer's formulation.It is important to follow the instructions provided by our healthcare professional or the product packaging regarding the appropriate form and dosage for our specific needs.

Calcium gluconate supplements are typically intended for oral administration and should not be injected unless specifically directed and supervised by a healthcare professional.Injectable calcium gluconate is a prescription-only product and should only be administered by trained medical personnel.