Sodium malate is a salt derived from malic acid, which is a naturally occurring organic acid found in many fruits.The chemical formula for sodium malate is C4H4Na2O5.It is a sodium salt of malic acid (C4H6O5), and its structure includes two sodium (Na) ions.

Typically, sodium malate, like many other chemicals, is packaged in containers that ensure safe storage, transportation, and handling. Common packaging materials for chemicals include:

Drums: Sodium malate may be packaged in drums made of materials such as plastic or steel.   These drums provide a secure and durable container for bulk quantities.

Bags: For smaller quantities, sodium malate may be packaged in bags made of materials like plastic or paper.

Bulk containers: Some manufacturers might use bulk containers for larger shipments, such as intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) or flexitanks.

The choice of packaging materials often depends on factors such as the volume of the product, transportation requirements, and the preferences of the manufacturer and customer.

If you need specific information about a particular factory or its packaging practices, it would be best to contact the factory directly or consult their product specifications and documentation.   Additionally, regulations regarding the packaging and transportation of chemicals may vary, and compliance with these regulations is crucial for ensuring safety and environmental responsibility.