1. Water-based flavored drinks (including energy drinks)

With the improvement of living standards, the production of soft drinks also increased year by year, as a nutrient carrier,Soft drinks advantage is suitable for drinking a wide range of people, large consumption. As a convenient way to provide nutrients, it still plays an important role in regulating human nutrition levels, especially in the development of sports drinks and nutrient drinks targeted at specific populations. Mainly for flavor drinks, special purpose drinks or nutritional drinks.

2. milk drinks

In recent years the milk beverage such as aggrandisement calcium and vitamin has become a trend, consumption is also increasing substantially. Milk is the most close to "perfect" food, with the constant improvement of nutritional requirements and processing technology, through scientific research, according to the nutrition characteristics of different groups, reasonable strengthening certain nutrients to develop suitable for different people physiology characteristic formula of dairy products, dairy industry in our country the rapid development of the environment, health, functional demand urgent than ever before

3.Solid beverage

Solid drinks have the advantages of small volume, convenient storage and carrying, rich nutrition and so on, and are loved by people. With the development of tourism and the improvement of scientific and technological means, solid drinks will also get sustainable development. According to the current situation of nutrition and health beverage industry, according to the needs of the human body, the reasonable addition of effective ingredients can not only quench thirst, but also supplement nutrition, regulate the physiological function of the human body, and ensure the health of the national beverage will play a more important role in satisfying People's Daily life.

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