Infant Supplementary Food

1. Cereal supplements for infants and children

The infant period is the period of the most rapid growth and change, and also the key period of intellectual development. In view of this situation, the nutritional rice flour is produced to highlight the complementary principle of nutritional ingredients, make full use of raw material resources, adjust the proportion of nutritional ingredients in rice flour, and strengthen the infant Vitamin A, D, B1, calcium, iron and zinc are essential for infant growth and development, which can meet the needs of infant growth and development at different stages. In addition, there are infant cereals in the form of infant noodles, infant biscuits, etc

2.Other infant Supplementary food

Contains a variety of micronutrient supplements, added to the children's ready to eat supplementary food. If mud, complementary nutrition package, etc

3.Baby formula milk powder

Design according to corresponding national standards.          

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