Flour and Cereal Products

1. nutritional flour

Flour is one of the most important food for human beings, and the basic raw material of flour products and bakery products. Due to its wide geographical distribution, strong acceptability, good stability and good processing characteristics, wheat flour will be an appropriate carrier for providing micronutrients to human beings. In the world, compulsory nutritional fortification of flour is becoming a trend.

2. nutrition noodle

Flour products are the most consumed food in People's Daily life, but with the improvement of flour processing accuracy, some nutrients in wheat are seriously lost. According to the results of the nutrition survey, people in some countries and regions are generally deficient in some nutrients such as vitamins and trace elements in their diets. The best way to supplement these nutrients is to use staple food noodle nutrition enhancement. Moreover, it can solve the problems of single nutrition structure and lack of varieties.

3. Nutritional biscuits

With the development of society, people will pay more and more attention to the relationship between diet and health, the conventional nutritional composition of biscuits has not been able to meet the further needs of people. Biscuits that supplement calcium, iron and vitamins will be a promising field.

4. Nutritious oatmeal (ready-to-eat cereal)

Oats were once the choice for a healthy breakfast, with seven vitamins, iron, zinc and calcium and more protein than wheat. Proper amount of vitamins and trace elements needed by human body are added in cereal to make its components more scientific proportionally for different consumer groups, which will be the best choice for students to have extra meals between classes and people at work in the morning and evening.

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