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Tablet production methods are particle pressing tablet method and direct pressing tablet method two categories, the particle pressing tablet method is more widely used, particle pressing tablet method is divided into wet particle method and thousands of particles method two kinds, the former is suitable for raw materials can not be directly pressing tablet, or wet, heat can not react tablet production. Dry granule method refers to the method of making granule without wetting agent or liquid adhesive for tablet pressing. The biggest advantage of dry granulation is that the materials do not need to go through the process of wetting and heating, which can shorten the time and reduce the production equipment, especially for the wet, heat prone to deterioration of raw materials, can improve the quality of their products.

Powder direct tablet pressing refers to the method of directly pressing the tablet without making granules after mixing the powder of raw materials with suitable auxiliary materials.


In health food, according to the nature of cool material, capsule is generally divided into: hard capsule and soft capsule. In many countries and regions, the production of capsule is the third only after tablets and injections, and it is one of the most widely used oral dosage forms.

Hard capsule is a kind of health food made of a certain amount of raw material extract and raw material powder or auxiliary materials into uniform powder or particles, which are filled in empty glue shuang, or the raw material fine powder is directly filled in empty glue shuang.

Soft capsule, also known as the capsule, is a kind of round or elliptic preparation made of oil or liquid medicine or mud suspension closed in the soft capsule. Soft capsules are produced by machines. Due to different preparation methods, soft capsules can be divided into two kinds: by pressing method, there is often a pressure seam in the middle, so called seam pills; Made by dropping method, spherical and seamless, it is called seamless rubber.

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